14.28m Coastal Patrol Boat

The official patrol boat is 14.28 meters long and can carry 20 people. It is equipped with a Yanmar 300 horsepower inboard and outboard aircraft with a speed of 42km/h. The navigation area is in calm coastal waters.

The official patrol boat is 14.28 meters long and can carry 20 people. It is equipped with a Yanmar 300 horsepower inboard and outboard engine with a speed of 42km/h. It is suitable for water public security vessels, quarantine vessels, supervision vessels, official reception patrol law enforcement and other fields!

YOUBANG BOAT can customize law enforcement patrol boats of different materials, sizes, and types. It is a professional law enforcement patrol boat manufacturer with more than 10 years of boat manufacturing experience. YOUBANG BOAT official boats can be certified by CCS, ZC, ABS, BV, DNV, LR and other ship inspection agencies. A large number of official boats are exported to many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. Welcome to inquire about the price of law enforcement patrol boats.

YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's rigorous production process, hand-made, creates high-quality law enforcement patrol boats. It is the pursuit of YOUBANG BOAT to create a trace of quality that allows the driver to have a pleasant leisure time. YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's work-style production workshop improves work efficiency, reduces the error rate in the production process, and ensures that the product is foolproof. YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's strict inspection process, meticulous inspection throughout the entire process, and complete production and sales and after-sales systems ensure that law enforcement patrol boats are foolproof.

The main materials of official boats: aluminum alloy law enforcement patrol boats, steel law enforcement patrol boats, fiberglass law enforcement patrol boats and mixed-material law enforcement patrol boats.

Types of official boats: pilot and command boats, wind power operation and maintenance boats, law enforcement patrol boats, navigation administration boats, reception boats, unmanned boats, survey boats, search and rescue boats, etc.

Application scope of official boats: fishery law enforcement patrol boats, customs anti-smuggling boats, public security traffic law enforcement patrol boats, fire search and rescue boats, quarantine supervision boats, pilot and reception boats, etc.

Waters used by official boats: inland rivers, coastal areas, lakes, etc.

The price of the official law enforcement patrol boat mainly depends on the hull material, size, speed requirements, and decoration. For example: length, width, number of passengers, use area, use environment, brand choice of ship speed engine.

Basic parameters of the 14.28 meter official patrol boat:




















14.28m official patrol boat