11.6m FRP catamaran

The 11.6-meter FRP catamaran uses a 300-horsepower hanger with a speed of 51km/h, can take 40 people, and sails in calm waters along the coast. The FRP monohull can be used as transportation passenger ferry, speedboat, leisure yacht, tourist boat, water sightseeing bus and so on.

The 11.6-meter FRP catamaran uses a 300-horsepower on-hook speed of 51km / h and can take up to 40 people in the calm coastal waters of the navigation area. The FRP monolithic ship can be used as a passenger ferry, a speedboat, a yacht, a sightseeing boat, a water sightseeing bus, etc.

The catamaran has strong stability, shallow draft, wide and comfortable deck. It is more fuel-efficient than a single yacht of the same size at the same speed, energy saving and environmental protection, and is very suitable for use in inland lakes.

Types of passenger ships: single passenger ships and catamaran passenger ships.

Passenger ship size: small sightseeing passenger ship, medium and large ferry passenger ship.

Passenger ship material: glass fiber reinforced plastic passenger ship, aluminum alloy passenger ship, steel passenger ship, etc.

Passenger ship classification: marine passenger ship, tourist ship, automobile passenger ship, ro-ro passenger and cargo ship, inland passenger ship.

Passenger ship application scenarios: carrying passengers, cargo, and vehicles across rivers, lakes, and straits.

Basic parameters of 11.6m FRP catamaran:

Total length: 11.6 meters,

Type width: 3.8 meters,

Type depth: 1.888 meters,

Draft: 0.67 meters,

Crew: 40 people,

Host: 1 set of 300 hp on-hook,

Speed: 51Kmh,

Navigation area: coastal calm waters.

11.6m FRP catamaran

11.6m FRP catamaran

11.6m FRP catamaran

11.6m FRP catamaran