5m aluminum alloy fishing yacht

The small aluminum alloy fishing boat has a total length of 5.4 meters, a width of 2.26 meters and a depth of 1.15 meters. It is very cost-effective and has good stability, safety and seaworthiness. It is powered by a Honda 4-stroke 115 hp engine. The design of the front cabin that can be freely entered and exited gathers the advantages of the landing craft. The panoramic porthole design provides a wider field of vision and a panoramic view of the ocean. This small fishing yacht sails out to sea, where light and space are perfectly combined to create a stunning effect. The beautiful shape, coupled with the perfect proportions, the intersecting lines, shuttle between the waves, and the thorns are very dynamic.

The 5.4m aluminum alloy boat can be used for water leisure, entertainment, fishing, patrol and other purposes. The aluminum alloy boat uses 115 horsepower gasoline on-hook and can seat 6 people. AIA Shipping can customize business boats, speed boats, yachts and fishing boats with different materials, sizes, speeds and prices according to customer needs. Welcome to inquire about the price of aluminum alloy boats.

Aluminum alloy boats use waters: rivers, coastal areas, lakes, reservoirs, ponds.

Scope of use of aluminum alloy boats: fishing, fishing, surfing, diving, leisure and sightseeing, maritime patrol, anti-flood rescue, fire rescue.

The basic parameters of aluminum alloy boats are as follows:

Total length: 5.40 meters

Total width: 2.26 meters

Type depth: 1.15 meters

Draft: 0.47 meters

Crew: 6 people

Engine: Honda 4-stroke 115hp gasoline on-hook

5m aluminum alloy fishing yacht