11m inflatable rubber boat for fishing

The 11-meter hovercraft/inflatable boat is made of Hypalon material and can carry 18 people. It uses Honda external hanger with a speed of 30 knots. It can be used as a water recreation boat for parks, scenic spots, and patrol boats.

The 11-meter inflatable inflatable boat is made of Hypalon materials, can carry 18 people, and uses a Honda outboard aircraft with a speed of 30 knots. The inflatable rubber boat can be used for water recreation, fishing, fishing and other water operations, and has the advantages of lightness and multi-function. Compared with traditional boats, inflatable boats are safer and can adapt to a variety of waters. Welcome to inquire about the price of hovercraft.

Inflatable boats (Inflatable Boats), also called hovercraft, are a type of inflatable boats, divided into fully inflatable boats and hard bottom rubber boats (RIBs), generally within 30 feet. AIA Shipbuilding has a wide range of inflatable inflatable boats and different models. There are high-speed boats dedicated to speed, fully manual kayaks, rafting boats for experiencing the fun of white water, simple-looking work boats, and fishing for offshore fishing. Boats and so on.

Changzhou youbang boat Inc can customize inflatable boats of different materials, sizes and types. It is a professional manufacturer of inflatable inflatable boats with more than 10 years of experience in shipbuilding. AIA Shipbuilding's rigorous production process is hand-made to create high-quality inflatable inflatable boats. It is the pursuit of AIA to create a trace of quality that allows the driver to have a pleasant leisure time. AIA Shipbuilding's work-style production workshop improves work efficiency, reduces the error rate in the production process, and ensures that the product is foolproof. AIA Shipbuilding's strict inspection process, meticulous inspection throughout the entire process, and complete production, sales and after-sales systems ensure that the inflatable boat is foolproof.

Inflatable boat types: airbag boats, assault boats, hovercraft, motor boats, rafting boats, kayaks, etc.

Water area used by rubber boats: rivers, coasts, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, etc.

Application scenarios of inflatable boats: fishing, surfing, diving, recreation, maritime patrol, flood fighting, and fire rescue.

11m rubber boat





Tube Diameter


Tube airtight cabin

6 separated

Fuel tank


Tube material





225HP*2 HONDA outboard


16MCS chairs,2 shocks absorbing riding chairs


30 knot

11m RIB boat