6m patrol speed boat

The 6-meter inland river high-speed patrol speedboat adopts a 90-horsepower diesel hook to reach a maximum speed of 61km/h and can carry up to 3 people. The small speedboat can be used as fishing boats, patrol speedboats, parks, scenic leisure yachts and other purposes.

The 6-meter inland river high-speed patrol speedboat adopts a 90-horsepower diesel hook to reach a maximum speed of 61km/h and can carry up to 3 people. Welcome to consult the price of maritime patrol boats! Small speed boats can be used as fishing boats, patrol speed boats, parks, scenic leisure yachts and other water projects.

High-speed patrol boats are used for patrolling and law enforcement by maritime police and other maritime departments. This type of boat requires not only good speed, but also stability, maneuverability, and safety. The construction design needs to consider factors such as lightness and convenience, high-speed patrols, administrative law enforcement, investigation and sampling, and convenient operation, and the layout is reasonable.

Speedboat is the general term for small high-speed ships, mainly used for duty, water rescue, entertainment and sports. Speedboats are also called patrol boats, lifeboats, yachts and racing boats according to their uses.YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding can customize speed boats of different materials, sizes, and types. It is a professional civil speed boat manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in high speed boat manufacturing. YOUBANG BOAT can handle the certification of CCS, ZC, ABS, BV, DNV, LR and other ship inspection agencies, and the boats are exported to many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's rigorous production process, hand-made, creates high-quality high-speed patrol boats. It is the pursuit of YOUBANG BOAT to create a trace of quality that allows the driver to have a pleasant leisure time.YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's work-style production workshop improves work efficiency, reduces the error rate in the production process, and ensures that the product is foolproof. YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's strict inspection process, meticulous inspection throughout the entire process, and complete production and sales and after-sales systems ensure that the high-speed patrol boats are foolproof.

Appearance classification of speedboats: open speedboats, half-shed speedboats, full-top speedboats.

Types of civilian speedboats: fishing speedboats, sightseeing speedboats, traffic patrol speedboats.

Types of speedboats: sports speedboats, leisure speedboats, business speedboats, twin-carcass speedboats, super speedboats, etc.

Common materials for speedboats: FRP speedboats, aluminum alloy speedboats, etc.

Speedboat use range: fishing/fishing speedboats, surfing diving speedboats, recreational speedboats, official patrol speedboats, etc.

Waters used by speedboats: rivers, coasts, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, etc.

Basic parameters of 6 meters leisure speedboat:





















6m speed boat

6m speed boat