YB-580 5.8m Aluminum Alloy Fishing Yacht

The small aluminum alloy fishing boat has a total length of 5.8 meters, a width of 2.35 meters and a depth of 1.23 meters. It is equipped with a Honda 4-stroke 90-horsepower engine, which has good stability, safety and seaworthiness.

The 5.8-meter small aluminum alloy boat can be used for water leisure, entertainment, fishing, fishing, etc. The aluminum alloy boat uses a 90-horsepower petrol hook and can seat 6 people. AIA Shipbuilding can customize small fishing boats with different materials, sizes, speeds and prices according to customer needs! The small aluminum alloy boat belongs to the offshore fishing boat type, which is our usual small fishing boat type at sea.

Scope of use of aluminum alloy boats: rivers, coasts, lakes, reservoirs, ponds.

The water area used by aluminum alloy boats: fishing, fishing, surfing, diving, recreational play, maritime patrol, anti-flood rescue, fire rescue.

The basic parameters of YB-580 aluminum alloy boat are as follows:

Total length: 5.8 meters

Total width: 2.35 meters

Type depth: 1.23 meters

Draft: 0.52 meters

Crew: 6 people

Engine: Honda 4-stroke 90 horsepower gasoline on-hook