8m aluminum alloy catamaran

The 8-meter aluminum alloy catamaran can be used as fishing boat, yacht, patrol boat, etc.

The 8m all aluminum alloy catamaran can be used for water leisure, entertainment, fishing, patrol and other purposes. The aluminum alloy catamaran adopts the 115-horsepower Yamaha hang-up, which can take 6 people and has a speed of 35 km / h. AIA Shipbuilding can customize catamarans with different materials, sizes, speeds and prices according to customer needs. Welcome to inquire the price of aluminum alloy catamaran.

Catamarans are different from other boats. A catamaran is a multi-hull boat with two parallel hulls of equal size. Compared with ships with a single hull, the catamaran is characterized by a smaller hull volume, shallower draft, greater displacement, and greater available space on board. Catamaran is the best choice for leisure cruising ability, currently power boats, sailing boats and fishing boats all have catamarans

Scope of use of aluminum alloy boats: rivers, coasts, lakes, reservoirs, ponds.

The water area used by aluminum alloy boats: fishing, fishing, surfing, diving, recreational play, maritime patrol, anti-flood rescue, fire rescue.

The basic parameters of all aluminum alloy catamaran are as follows:

Length: 8 meters

Width: 2.94 meters

Type depth: 1.43 meters

Draft: 0.45 meters

Full-load drainage: 2.72 tons

Crew: 6 people

Engine: 115 horsepower Yamaha on-hook

Speed: 35 km / h

Aluminum alloy catamaran Fishing yacht

Aluminum alloy catamaran Fishing yacht