4.5m inflatable rubber boat

4.5m small inflatable rubber boats can be used as inland maritime patrol boats, fishing/fishing boats, parks or scenic spots leisure and entertainment tourism boats, etc.

Inflatable Boats, also known as hovercraft, are a kind of inflatable boats, divided into fully inflatable and rigid bottom rubber boats (RIBs), generally within 30 feet. In the early days, the rubber boat existed as a connecting boat, but since its development, the rubber boat has undergone tremendous changes and can also be used for day cruises, scuba diving and other purposes. The configuration has also been greatly upgraded. Many hard-bottomed rubber boats are equipped with luxurious configurations. The performance, texture and comfort are not worse than ordinary sports speedboats. The hull of the rubber boat is relatively light and has less bumps.

The 4.5m small inflatable rubber boat (motorboat) is made of PU material and equipped with a Honda outboard motor, which can be used for fishing/fishing, recreational yachts and other places. AIA has a wide variety of inflatable rubber boats with different models, including high-speed boats that pursue speed, fully manual kayaks, drifting boats for experiencing the pleasure of rapids, simple working stand, and fishing for offshore fishing. boat, etc. Airbag boats are widely used in water recreation, park tours, lake fishing, sea fishing and other water operations. Different types, sizes, materials and prices of inflatable rubber fishing boats can be customized according to customer needs!

Types of inflatable rubber boats: electric rubber boats, professional fishing boats, high-end luxury fishing boats, portable fishing boats, light fishing boats, aluminum alloy fishing boats, inflatable fishing boats

Inflatable rubber boat use water area: rivers, coasts, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, etc.

Application scenarios of inflatable rubber boats: fishing, surfing, diving, leisure play, maritime patrol, flood fighting and rescue, fire rescue.

The basic parameters of the 4.5 m small inflatable rubber boat are as follows:





Tube Diameter


Tube airtight cabin


Fuel tank


Tube material









30 knot