7.5m sightseeing tour speedboat

The small tourist boat is 7.5 meters long and can carry up to 15 people and has a maximum speed of 74km/h. The boat can be used as a water sightseeing bus, leisure boat, park or scenic transportation passenger boat, high-speed speed boat and other purposes.

The small high-speed sightseeing tour boat is 7.5 meters long and can carry up to 15 people. It is equipped with two 150-horsepower diesel hooks with a maximum speed of 74km/h.

The water bus belongs to the public ferry service system and is an integral part of the urban public transportation system. It is mainly to undertake the functions of water public transportation and tourist routes in surrounding cities, which is conducive to promoting the development of the local economy and the development and utilization of tourism resources.

YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding can customize different materials, sizes, and types of leisure sightseeing boats. It is a professional manufacturer of sightseeing boats with more than 10 years of experience in shipbuilding. YOUBANG BOAT sightseeing boats can be certified by CCS, ZC, ABS, BV, DNV, LR and other ship inspection agencies, and the boats are exported to many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's rigorous production process, hand-made, creates high-quality tourism and leisure sightseeing boats. It is the pursuit of YOUBANG BOAT to create a trace of quality that allows the driver to have a pleasant leisure time. YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's work-style production workshop improves work efficiency, reduces the error rate in the production process, and ensures that the product is foolproof. YOUBANG BOAT Shipbuilding's strict inspection process, meticulous inspection throughout the entire process, and complete production, sales and after-sales systems ensure that leisure sightseeing boats are foolproof.

Types of sightseeing boats: sightseeing boats, scenic sightseeing boats, electric sightseeing boats, park sightseeing boats, sea sightseeing boats, etc.

Sightseeing boat material: FRP sightseeing boat, aluminum alloy sightseeing boat, steel sightseeing boat, etc.

Basic parameters of the 7.5m water bus:




















7.5m speedboat